videos:[ { videoType:"youtube", //choose video type: "HTML5", "youtube", "vimeo", "image" title:"", //video title youtubeID:"", //last part if the URL vimeoID:"", //last part of the URL mp4:"", //HTML5 video mp4 url enable_mp4_download:"no", //enable download button for self hosted videos: "yes","no" imageUrl:"images/preview", //display image instead of playing video imageTimer:4, //set time how long image will display prerollAD:"no", //show pre-roll "yes","no" prerollGotoLink:"", //pre-roll goto link preroll_mp4:"", //pre-roll video mp4 format prerollSkipTimer:5, midrollAD:"no", //show mid-roll "yes","no" midrollAD_displayTime:"00:15", //show mid-roll at any custom time in format "minutes:seconds" ("00:00") midrollGotoLink:"", //mid-roll goto link midroll_mp4:"", //mid-roll video mp4 format midrollSkipTimer:10, postrollAD:"no", //show post-roll "yes","no" postrollGotoLink:"", //post-roll goto link postroll_mp4:"", //post-roll video mp4 format postrollSkipTimer:5, popupImg:"images/preview_images/popup.jpg", //popup image URL popupAdShow:"no", //enable/disable popup image: "yes","no" popupAdStartTime:"00:03", //time to show popup ad during playback popupAdEndTime:"00:07", //time to hide popup ad during playback popupAdGoToLink:"", //re-direct to URL when popup ad clicked description:"", //video description thumbImg:"", //set "auto" or leave blank "" to grab it automatically from youtube, or set path to playlist thumbnail image info:"" //video info } ] }); });